At Benefits Done Right, we don’t just preach wellness; we are passionate about our approach to workplace wellness. We like to say we practice Wellness Done Right.

Health and wellness are critically important to our company, and that means a healthy workplace is a priority. We founded our company wellness program in 2002, and it’s become an integral part of our life at the office that extends to our home lives as well.

We describe ourselves as having a “wellness culture,” and if you stop by our office near the top of the hour you just might be invited to participate in our “hourly mover.” It may simply look like an office full of employees doing stretches, pushups, lunges, or other excuses to get up and move, but to us it’s just part of our workday.

If you’re interested in starting a wellness program at your company and just don’t know where to begin, our Wellness Done Right initiative can help. We have the resources you need to help get your wellness program off the ground. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Full, robust, consultant-led wellness programs at your workplace
  • Leverage free wellness resources provided by insurance carriers
  • Healthy lifestyle coaching
  • Expert guidance


Contact us for tools and advice on how to create your own wellness program and inject some healthy living into your workplace culture.

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