Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

Employee benefits can refer to medical plans, dental care, vision coverage, enrollment, employee on boarding, health and dependent care, retirement plans…the list goes on and on. As an employer, do you know what your responsibilities are? Are you overwhelmed by having to manage every aspect of your employee benefits program? Or are you an entrepreneur who just hired your first group of employees and want to focus only on your business and not employee relations? Whether you need an employee benefits program that you can manage in house, or you want us to administer your company’s entire employee benefits plan, Benefits Done Right can help.

With Benefits Done Right as your broker, you get an agency that takes the time to understand your business, your culture, and your goals so that you are presented with only the most viable options available for your workforce needs. Once we help you find the right benefits program for you, we offer consulting and administration services to make your job easier.

We pride ourselves on being employee benefits experts so that our clients don’t have to be. We regularly facilitate educational sessions on the latest healthcare requirements and proactively inform clients when new legislation is enacted which impacts their workforce. Benefits Done Right can be your personal consultant in the ever-changing landscape of employee benefits, helping you become better informed so that your efforts toward employee attraction, retention, compliance and a healthy workforce becomes effortless.

One of the activities that consume the most time for HR professionals (or those serving in HR functions) is answering questions from employees about their individual benefits coverage. Because each individual’s healthcare needs and choices vary, each call should be handled with sensitivity and by someone with accurate knowledge of your benefits program. While this is one of the most valuable services you can offer to your employees, doing this right takes time and expertise. By administering your employee benefits program, we can serve as the main point of contact for your employees from the day they commit to working for you. Benefits Done Right can conduct employee on boarding, lead enrollment meetings, walk employees through annual open enrollment processes and educate them on other benefits you make available to them.

Make your employee benefits program an active component of your strategic plan. Contact Benefits Done Right today at info@benefitsdoneright.com or call us at 800-482-1817.

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